Strategic Media Consultation and Management

inmediaz is a consulting company focusing on strategic media consultation and management. Its two founders have a broad experience in media, technology, content and management. The company was founded in early 2021 by Lauri Kivinen and Stefan Kuerten, both with decades of top management experience and broad knowledge in the international media, technology and telecommunication sectors. 

As borders between media, telecommunications and technology are disappearing, companies need to strategically reposition their businesses in the new converged world. 

Technology companies are attracted by the possibilities in the media sector, but they face different business dynamics in content industries. Media companies know how to delight, excite and inform consumers, but have to master today’s fast technology cycles. Suppliers and partners of both these industries are looking for new ways to serve their customers better. 

We help companies to bridge the gaps created by convergence. Our strength is a global cross-industry knowledge from media, content, technology, telecoms and digital services. We are familiar with the regulatory environment and needs of various industries. 

We combine our broad cross-industry experience, global networks and a thorough understanding of the perspectives of various stakeholders: Media, Corporations and the Society.

We are inmediaz.

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Our service is fast, personal and flexible, and we scale it to the particular customer’s needs in international markets. The company is independent and can rely on an exceptional  global network of experts and contacts in all sectors of the value chain.

inmediaz services are based upon three cornerstones:

Holistic perspective 

Understanding all aspects of the media industry and its stakeholders and developing it into a future proven solution according to the specific needs of the customer.


Building a trusted relationship with selected customers. 


100% neutrality in selection of partners and  suppliers in all sectors of the value chain.  

Lauri Kivinen      Founder and CEO

"In Media Management, a holistic view including all aspects of the ongoing transition is the winning formula".

Stefan Kürten
Founder and Senior Adviser 

"Monetisation of values in the changing world of media has to be built in a sustainable way".

Be part of the game. 

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